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Invest with Confidence with the Fraxioned Buyback Guarantee


Fractional Real estate buyback guarantee

buyback guarantee

Introducing the Fraxioned Buyback Guarantee: your assurance for the next five years and beyond. With our commitment to repurchasing qualifying shares at the original purchase price, you can invest confidently knowing your investment is protected. Should you decide to sell after five years, we'll buy it back from you at the initial share price. For more information, feel free to reach out to our sales team.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that any legal fees or returns paid out may be deducted from the repurchase amount as outlined in the Fraxioned Guarantee terms and conditions

Why Fraxioned?

Diverse Price range fractional real estate

Diverse Price range

We offer a wide range of price points to accommodate every budget. Our aim is to ensure that vacation home ownership is within reach for all. Because we firmly believe that everyone should have the chance to own their own slice of paradise.

Flexibility in booking calendar fractional real estate


We prioritize flexibility in our booking process. Unlike raffles or lotteries, we operate on a simple first-come, first-served basis. Whether you prefer to plan far in advance or make last-minute arrangements, we accommodate your needs without any hassle.

1031 exchange fractional real estate

1031 Exchange

At Fraxioned, we offer 1031 exchange capabilities through our Fraxioned Collective ownership model. With Fraxioned Collective, owners have the flexibility to rent out their properties when they're not using them, effectively turning their vacation homes into investment properties. This unique feature allows owners to maximize the potential returns on their investment while still enjoying the benefits of vacation home ownership. Whether you're looking for place to escape or an opportunity to invest, Fraxioned Collective offers the best of both worlds.

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