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What is Fraxioned?

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Own a Fraction of the Property and Enjoy it part-time

Why buy an entire vacation home when you only use it for some time? With Fraxioned, you can buy a share of a luxury vacation home, enjoy it whenever you want, and pay only a fraction of the price.

Begin Your Vacation with 1/8 Ownership, 44+ Nights Annually

Indulge in your private luxury vacation home for 44+ nights each year with every 1/8 share you own.

Make Lifelong Memories And Earn Passive Income When You Are Not There

Fraxioned homes allow you to rent out your unused time and offset ownership costs, so you can enjoy your vacation home while making money.

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In The Best Vacation Destinations


Create lifelong memories while you choose to rent it or not. With Fraxioned the choice is yours


Fraxioned gives you the reward to reap the benefits Unlike a timeshare. Every home sits in a property specific LLC.


Fraxioned offers professional upkeep to the co-owners, shared expenses and buying the home outright.


Own a slice of paradise with Fraxioned within your budget. With Fraxioned App, the scheduling and list browsing has never been easy before.


Easy transfers and upgradation of your property share with just a few clicks.

Why Fraxioned?

Owning a Fraxioned home is true real estate ownership

Fraxioned properties are not timeshares. When you buy a property from Fraxioned Homes, you are buying a 1/8 ownership share in a special purpose LLC that owns the property. This appreciable asset is both liquid and transferable at any time with us.

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Home Care Made Easy With Fraxioned
How do Fractional Owners Split Home Expenses?
Your Time, Your Way: Scheduling and Renting Your Fraxioned Home Hassle-Free

Homeowners Take Pride With Fraxioned

"Fraxioned enabled us to own a beautiful home in a premium location without the financial burden. Their shared ownership model is hassle-free, and the concierge services are a bonus. “
Emma Thompson
Fraxioned Homeowner
"Overall, an amazing service. The entire team at Fraxioned made the fractional share ownership process easy for us."
John Smith
Fraxioned Homeowner
"Fraxioned allowed me to own a share of a stunning vacation home that I could only dream of owning outright, with impeccable home maintenance and a dedicated concierge team that consistently goes above and beyond, ensuring an unforgettable stay."
Samantha Lee
Fraxioned Homeowner

Frequently Asked Questions


Owning a Fraxioned home is true real estate ownership. You purchase a share in a property-specific LLC.

The home is fully managed and designed specifically for co-ownership.

The system supports two types of stays:

  • General Stays: Scheduled 8 days to 24 months in advance, and each owner has access to a general stay that falls on a special date (e.g., federal holidays and popular local events).
  • Short-notice Stays: Booked 2 to 30 days in advance of arrival. (Note: For homes with unsold shares, the short-notice booking window is 2-7 days in advance of arrival.)

Buyers can pay cash, take out a personal line of credit, or access conventional financing through our banking partners.

For buyers who choose financing, we’ve negotiated competitive rates and offer multiple financing options for up to 70% of the home purchase. We facilitate the process, so it’s faster and simpler than a typical home loan.

Absolutely! The key to owning a home with potentially 7 other owners is transparency. Built into the scheduling portal and app is the ability to communicate with one another if the need arises to swap time with other owners.

Each 1/8th share allows for up to a 14 consecutive night stay and increases by 7 nights for each share owned with a maximum of a 28-night stay. For example, a 2/8th ownership can book 21 consecutive nights and 3/8th ownership up to 28 nights consecutively. There must be a time gap equal to that of each completed stay before the home can be booked again for that same owner

Example: A 7-night stay must have a gap of 7 nights before the next stay can be scheduled.

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